A healthy, green lawn needs regular care. The FREELEXO SMART 750 robotic lawn mower takes care of this fully automatically. It comes with installation equipment for up to 750 m² and a powerful 3.0 Ah Power X-Change battery from the flexible system family from Einhell. The mower takes care of the lawn independently and tirelessly, even in angled gardens, and can start the mowing process from various, previously set starting points thanks to the multi-zone function. 

Cutting width
18 cm
Motor type
Brushless motor
Achieved test victories
German soccer championships won
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With the PurePOWER Brushless warranty, you get a 10-year warranty on the motor of your Einhell machine. The warranty starts on the date of purchase and must be completed within 30 days of purchase. 

All other Einhell warranty conditions we summarised short and simple for you. 

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At a Glance: Cordless Screwdriver, Drill and Impact Drill in Comparison

  Cordless Screwdriver Drill Impact Drill
Advantages mobile, without cable good handling due to lightweight, compact construction wide range of functions
  very low dead weight    
  compact construction, cheap    
Disadvantages limited applications no impact function partly a bit higher weight
  no drilling function no drilling in masonry/concrete  
  only for small screw-drivin    
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What operating principle does the robot lawn mower follow?

- The robot lawn mower operates according to the random principle. If the mower hits an obstacle or the boundary wire, it turns in a different direction and continues to operate.

- This ensures that all areas of your garden are mowed.

- The mower also changes to a spiral mode several times per working window to increase the efficiency of the random principle.

What is the mowing behaviour like?

- The robot lawn mower mows during the operating interval you select for it. 

- The mower operates using the random principle, so a cutting pattern cannot be recognised. 

- An appropriate mowing time that is suitable for the size of your garden ensures a reliable and consistent mowing result.

- Exact information as to how many square metres can be mowed per battery change depends on the type and condition of your garden and a general estimate cannot be provided. 

How does the robot lawn mower react to external influences?

- When it rains and the rain sensor is activated, the robot lawn mower returns to the charging station to avoid damaging the lawn.

- During thunderstorms, the charging station should be disconnected from the mains to avoid the risk of being hit by lightning.

- In how weather, the robot lawn mower returns to the charging station and waits there until it has cooled down. The mower then starts working again automatically. In summer, you should set the operating times to cooler times of the day and place the charging station in a shaded area.

What is the mower's speed?

- The mower moves approx. 33 cm/second on flat surfaces, which is around 1.3 km/hour. This is slightly slower than walking speed.

Can the device perform edge cutting?

- All models have the "edge mowing" function, which means that the robot moves along the boundary wire and mows the lawn edge evenly. With the Freelexo models, you can select the edge mowing setting in the app.

How loud is the mower?

- The volume of the robot is 59.4 dB. This is about the same volume as a quiet conversation. If the robot lawn mower is louder than usual, foreign bodies may be caught in the blades or they may have been damaged. Once you have cleaned or changed the blades, the motor volume should return to normal.

Discover the Einhell Robot lawnmower

Turn mowing time into leisure time

Want a beautifully maintained green lawn without having to mow it yourself? Simply leave it all to our new range of robot lawn mowers. Whether you have a small garden or an extensive lawn: with the different robot lawn mower models available, accessory kits and settings options, we have the right robot mower for every garden. For technology fans, the Freelexo models can be controlled via an App. For those who are already part of the Power X-Change battery family, there are also robot lawn mowers with Power X-Change battery drives: Freelexo! Simply insert the same batteries as you use in your cordless screwdrivers, lawn trimmers, etc. and the robot will get to work independently in your garden.

A new age of mowing has dawned! So, are you still mowing, or relaxing already?

- Overview of the advantages

-Overview of the different models

- Services & accessories

- Einhell Connect App

Even more equipment

Cordless Angle Grinder AXXIO 18/125 Q

More power and endurance with brushless motor

Whether in the workshop, at home or in the garage, the Einhell Axxio 18/125 Q cordless angle grinder is indispensable for the work of the E-Team. The brushless motor of the cordless helper, allows more power and aprolonged operation - on every mission. The slimline design and ergonomic soft grip as well as an additional handle offer maximum comfort when working and the soft start in combination with the restart safeguard ensure increased user safety. 

Cordless Chain Saw GE-LC 36/35 Li

Maximum power meets maximum flexibility and handiness

Obstacles? Not with the GE-LC 36/35 Li cordless chain saw. Thanks to the high-quality bar, two powerful 18-volt Power X-Change batteries and brushless motor, the cordless chain saw combines maximum power with maximum flexibility and handiness. With a sword length of 350 millimetres and a cutting speed of 15 m/s, it can easily work through larger trunks. The kickback protection, the instant chain brake and the chain catch bolt provide additional safety.

System Carrying Case E-Case S-F
A man is drilling a hole with a cordless screwdriver

Comfortable & clean transport to the next mission

To ensure that the tools are well stowed away and at the same time always within reach, the stackable Einhell E-Case S-F is an indispensable piece of equipment for the E-Team. With the dimensions of 420.9 mm x 280.3 mm x 95.4 mm and a maximum payload of 25 kilograms, it is ideal for storing and transporting tools and accessories. Two foam inserts protect the tools from scratches and a practical locking system allows several stacked cases to be connected - so nothing stands in the way of the next mission!

As the head of every mission, Frank, the Boss always has a plan, always thinks three steps ahead. Frank knows the mission, he knows his team, he lives Power X-Change and he knows how they can make anything happen. Because he's the cool mastermind of the E-Team. Stress? He doesn't know! He knows what his team can do!

Always straightforward, no platitudes, no frills. Skye, the Cool has an eye for the essentials. Focused, precise, and professional, she gets straight to the core of the mission. Challenges? She only acknowledges them with a raised eyebrow. Her only weakness: when it comes to power, she sometimes overshoots the mark.

Why make it normal when you can make it crazy? If enthusiasm had a face, it would probably be Crazy DIY's. Because the free spirit loves his job, the more unusual and technical the better. When things get difficult, the Tinkerer just calls it "exciting." Because he tinkers until he finds a solution that is often as ingenious as it is creative.

Problems? Clears Mike, the Muscle in the twinkling of an eye from the way! And always with a grin on his face and a song on his lips. No matter how long the mission takes. When he can get to work, he's in his element. Who would have thought that he, of all people, is the team member who is best at handling plants.

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So, please could you create a new user account via MyEinhell. You can use the same email as before and all your warranty extensions will be linked to your new records.

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Hedge trimmer

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Three different saws

Mitre Saw

The Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li – Solo drag, crosscut and miter saw can be used with flexibility for all woodworking jobs, for cutting miter cuts and for cross-cutting and even cutting parquet to length.

The cordless version of the saw provides an unlimited radius of operation: No interfering cables while working, no rewinding when the job is done.

RRP from 249.95 EUR

Chain Saw

The Einhell handheld cordless chainsaw FORTEXXA 18/20 TH is a powerful member of the flexible Power X-Change family. The device is powered by the Einhell PurePOWER brushless motor.

This brushless motor offers more power and a longer running time than conventional carbon brush motors. After registering online, the brushless motor comes with a 10-year warranty. 

RRP from 169.95 EUR

Table saw

The Einhell TC-TS 2225 U bench-type circular saw is a high-performance tool for performing precise and flexible work.

The sturdy parallel stop with clamps on both sides enables longitudinal cuts to be performed, and for effortless angle cuts the angle stop or the tilting saw blade can be used. If a larger support surface is needed, there are pull-out side tables and a length extension at the back.

RRP from 319.95 EUR


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