Battery Charger


Item number 1002211
  • Intelligent battery charger with microprocessor controller
  • Multi-step charging cycle, contr. and monitored by microprocessor
  • Universal battery charger for various battery types such as:
  • Gel, AGM, zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries, etc...
  • Automatic battery voltage adjustment for 6/12V vehicles
  • Protection type: IP65 (protected against dust and splash water)
  • Trickle charge function for a continuously ideal charge status
  • Optimal for season vehicles with long idle times(convert./m-bike)
  • Use will extend the life of the battery
  • Winter charging mode for outdoor temperatures below 5°C
  • LED battery voltage and charging progress display
  • Electr. protec. against overcharging, short-circuit&swapped poles
  • Totally insulated battery terminals and integrated wall bracket

Technical data

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Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Charging voltage6 V/ 12V
Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max. (arith./eff.) on 6 V d.c.2 / [-] A
Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max. (arith./eff.) on 12 V d.c.2 / [-] A
Product description
The Einhell CC-BC 2 M Battery Charger is an intelligent, micro-processor controlled unit which can be used to charge a wide range of vehicle battery types. The charger has a number of protection and maintenance features, and it is designed to handle the technically advanced high-power batteries on today's vehicles. Fast charging without degrading the battery was the top design priority so that the unit prolongs the life of the battery at full power output. A user-friendly charge status display makes the charger less complicated to use than traditional units. The universal Einhell charger is compatible with gel-cell and AGM batteries as well as maintenance-free and low-maintenance lead acid batteries. The CC-BC 2 M automatically senses the battery voltage on 6V and 12V vehicles. The microprocessor controller automatically monitors and manages the multi-stage charging cycle. Smart control electronics analyse the battery which is connected and initiate the appropriate actions depending on the status. The trickle charge function protects and safeguards the battery and ensures a constant optimal charge. So the CC-BC 2 M is also ideal for seasonal vehicles which are not used for extended periods. Instead of allowing gradual total discharge and risking over-discharge, trickle charge safely maintains the battery at its optimum level. This extends the useful life of the battery and prevents the need to spend a lot of money replacing a defective vehicle battery. Cars, motorcycles and scooters are ready to go at the start of the season. A winter charge mode was developed specifically for outdoor temperatures below 5°C. Automatic overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity protection prevents damage to the charger and the battery. The Einhell battery charger is IP 65 rated and is protected against dust access and spray water. The LED battery voltage and charging status display show at a glance the charge state of the battery and charger mode: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% charge, 6V or 12V vehicle charging and Winter Mode. A warning light is illuminated immediately if any problems are detected. The Einhell charger can be connected to the battery safely and easily using the fully insulated clamps. The unit also has an integrated bracket for convenient wall mounting.

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