The perfect service for your robot lawn mower

Discover the advantages of the FREELEXO robot lawnmower

Here you can find the services available for our Einhell robot lawn mowers at a glance. We can help you with the installation of the robot mower in your garden: via a Quickstarter Guide and installation videos. Additionally once you have found the right mower, our service partner can come to your home and install your robot lawnmower. You can also request an installation service via Einhell. To find out more information about accessories available for the Einhell robot lawn mowers. Suitable to your Einhell FREELEXO!

Quick-start guide

How to operate your robot lawn mower

DIY installation videos

How to set up your Einhell robot lawn mower!

Still not sure how to get your robot lawnmower up and running? Our video tutorial takes you through the step by step guide on how to set up the robot lawnmower hassle free. There is also information on how to get started, by checking all of the parts and accessories are present prior to set up. There is information and tips on how to correctly install the boundary wire, and how to connect the Robo lawnmower to the charging station.

First steps by installation of the mower
Installing the wire
Connecting the charging station
First mowing

Do you have further questions?

Do you have questions about out robot lawn mowers or our additional services? We'll be happy to provide you with personal assistance! Contact us via our service number or send us a message.

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