Stationary Saw Accessory

ST 315

Item no: 4340559 EAN: 4006825648744
  • Easy to mount an extension for table saws
  • For precise cuts on larger workpieces
  • 6-fold ball-bearing-guided sliding carriage
  • Can be used for angles from 45°-90°
  • Adjustable stop for repeated cuts
  • Suitable for TC-TS 315 U, TE-TS 315 U and TE-TS 315 UD
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Article description

The Original Einhell sliding carriage ST 315 is an easy-to-mount extension for Einhell table saws TC-TS 315 U, TE-TS 315 U and TE-TS 315 UD. The saw accessory provides the means for making precise and accurate cuts on larger workpieces, for example in construction work or furniture making, and also in renovation and refurbishment work. The sliding carriage is guided on a 6-fold ball bearing, while an adjustable stop is provided for repeated cuts. The saw accessory can be used for creating angles from 45° to 90°.

Technical details

Length profile910 mm
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