The Einhell premium dealer is there for you!

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Einhell Premium Dealer

Do you need a new machine? Do you consider the investment in a one-battery concept but you need more explanations? Do you want to see, touch and experience machines before you buy them? Then the Einhell Premium dealer is there for you. The well trained employees will support you with personal reccomandations, or if you prefer you can just have a look arround. And in case you are running into problems with your Einhell tools the Premium dealer can also support you. The Einhell premium dealer can deliver almost all tools from stock immediately. In case you are looking for a specific model, please contact the premium dealer upfront to verify if the tool is available. 


  • Well trained employees to support you
  • A Showroom with almost every machine
  • Good accessibility, parking in direct surrounding


Our Einhell premium dealers

At the moment we have premium dealers on 2 locations in the Netherlands.


Region North: Weiteveen (close to Emmen)


Zuidersloot 108
7765AL Weiteveen
tel: 0524-541253
mail: [email protected]


Region South: Valkenswaard (close to Eindhoven)

Outlet DHZ

De Vest 58
5555XP Valkenswaard
tel: 040-2073580
mail: [email protected]


Region South: Breda (only drop off point for Einhell machines with a defect)


Schapenweide 1A3
4824AN Breda
tel: 088-5986470
mail: [email protected]

Your Einhell premium dealer advantages

Trained employees to support you

In all Einhell premium dealers you are served by well trained staff with a lot of knowledge. They can support you in making the correct choice, and answer all your questions. 

A Showroom, where you can find almost every machine

All tools are shown so you can touch, hold and experience. For most of the machines there is the possibility to try them (from some machines security instructions do not make it possible to test). The Einhell premium dealer get new stock twice a week from Einhell central warehouse to secure all items are available as much as possible. If you decided to buy a machine, you can inmidiately take it with you.

Good accessibility, parking in direct surrounding.

Our premium dealers have a good accessibility  by car. Parking places in the direct surounding are available. And if you wish, they can support you with bringing your purchases to your car. 

Problems with your Einhell tool?

In case you experience a problem with an Einhell machine, then we are there for you to support you with solving the problem.

On every Einhell machine there is a 24 months warranty. You have also the possibility to register your machine and get an additional 12 months warranty which brings you to a total of 36 months. On batteries you have a 6 month warranty. For the batteries in our Power - X - Change concept you have the possibility to register to battery to enlarge the warranty up to 24 months free of charge.

If you are in the middle of a project and your Einhell product makes trouble, we can offer you to borrow a machine for the period your own is in repair. So you can continue and finish your project!

What you should know

Important facts about Einhell Premium Dealers

The premium dealer is a drop-off point only. The final warranty assesment and repair is made by Einhell on an external location. The general terms and warranty conditions from Einhell are valid.

Only new machines which have been bought by dealers within the Netherlands you can bring to an Einhell premium dealer. If you own a machine which have been bought outside the Netherlands, please contact the Einhell customer service to check the possibilities.

The premium dealer has enough machines available which you can borrow. But in busy periods it can be possible a certain machine is not available. If you want to be sure a machine is available for you please contact the premium dealer to the actual availability.