The Einhell Power X-Change battery pack consists of several powerful components.

Power X-Change battery pack

We present the tool battery that fits everywhere!
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The multi-functional battery pack for demanding requirements

Top marks for durability, performance and safety

Our Goal: An innovative tool battery, that fits every device in the new cordless tools family. Our claim: The best, most flexible and safest tool battery for DIY enthusiasts and hobby gardeners. Our Solution: The Einhell Power X-Change battery pack with integrated Active Battery Management System (BMS).

We see the future of tools as cordless, and our engineers have developed a battery that already meets the highest standards. It combines modern Li-Ion technology with a high-quality electronic control system- for more durability, more output and more safety.

The new battery from Einhell

  • High performance, high efficiency Li-Ion cells
  • Intelligent battery management system
  • No memory effect, no self-discharge
  • Very safe workmanship and electronics
  • Maximum flexibility and multifunctional
Technical details: Find out for yourself, what is so special about Power X-Change battery pack.

The Hightech battery, that simply suits you!

A woman removes a Power X-Change battery from the lawnmower and hands it over to a man.

What good is a great battery without the right tool? When developing the multi-functional Power X-Change system, we made sure that we do not have to ask ourselves this question. When you use Power X-Change, you use our high-end battery pack in over 200 different tools - from lawn mowers to drill hammers. Thanks to its carefully conceptualised design, our battery fits into all tools, just as we wanted it. That is not only multifunctional, but singularly savvy and really innovative.

Two Power X-Change batteries form a powerful twin pack in a Einhell lawnmower.

It comes with different voltages and capacities so that you can, as desired, adapt it to your application and tool. In addition to our flexible allrounders we offer you exceptionally powerful and durable batteries. And for special high-performance devices (such as our Power X-Change lawn mower) we have deployed the Twin Pack Technology (36 V). It allows you to use two Power X-Change batteries at the same time - for double the performance and durability.